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Call Center Solutions

The Most Feature-Rich Cloud-Based Call Center Solution Available

DialCloud’s cloud-based call center solution includes a powerful predictive dialer, a full-featured productivity suite, customizable reporting tools and more to make your campaigns a success. Some of our most popular features include:

• Fully-integrated CRM for end-to-end lead management
• Comprehensive reporting for insight into campaigns, agents and leads
• Voice recording for compliance, dispute resolution and agent performance management
• VoIP dialing to increase call capacity and quality
• Dynamic form maker to improve the speed and accuracy of data collection through fully customizable forms
• Support for remote agents, with rapid set-up and enhanced administration
• Call-back notification to ensure effective and prompt follow-up
• Rapid data importer to streamline the acquisition of third-party data and accelerate the launch of campaigns
• DNC compliance to ensure adherence to all guidelines and regulations
• Coaching and monitoring to optimize agent productivity

How Some Clients Use DialCloud

We work with clients across many different industries. Following are some of the ways they use our leading cloud-based call center products.

Sales Growth: From mortgages and real estate, to travel and insurance products, more and more businesses are relying on phone-based sales to increase market share, boost revenues and maximize profitability. Our industry-leading call center solution that includes a powerful predictive dialer, feature-rich productivity suite, customizable reporting tools and more is proven to dramatically increase call productivity across all industries.

Customer Service/Support: Customer service is an important component of customer loyalty and retention. Customers need proactive as well as reactive support. It’s not just about simple customer satisfaction, it’s about complete satisfaction.

Collections: It’s important to collect revenues as fast as possible, with the least negative impact on the customer relationship. Our solution offers the fastest way to reach large numbers of customers so you can resolve billing issues, update your CRM and pro-actively resolve any other outstanding items with the customer.

Notifications/Confirmations/Compliance: Customer-centric businesses have many reasons to contact their customer communities. From government mandated safety notices to shipping confirmations and product change reviews, the list is almost endless.

Market Research and Surveys: In this highly competitive market, companies need more information from their clients and customers about the products and services they use than ever before.

Fundraising and Political Campaigns: Fundraising and campaigning require a high level of personal interaction to be truly successful. When holding events or going door-to-door isn’t feasible, a phone campaign is the next best solution.

Appointment Setting: Almost every business does some type of appointment setting. In some cases it’s about qualifying a potential customer for a in-person sales presentation or moving them to the next step in the sales process.

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